Starstruck! - Dina Wakley

OMG guys I just have to say how wonderful this day has been with the opportunity to meet in real life someone that I totally ADMIRE!  And I'm totally spoiled because my local store can get people like her to come along and yes I'm speaking of Dina Wakley.

I have been thinking of this for over a month since I registered to her classes.  Took 2 and wow was it ever worth it!!!  Just AMAZING time.  She's  very generous of her time and advice and just a wonderful person.  Just as you see on FB or other media but it's so much more in person.

I was almost in tears (had to control myself) to actually get to meet her.  It's the 1st time that I get to be in a class with one of those BIG name people you see.  Never before.  Never felt that I would be even worthy enough to be there... just purchasing the books but that was it from a distance, watching videos but not in person.

I HAD to ask her to take a picture with her.  I was very embarrased to ask but when she said yes I thought this was worth all the embarrasment that I had imagined in my mind.  And as you can see on the picture below

Can you totally tell from my face how excited I was?!?  This was such a special moment for me!!!

WOW can't believe I did this.  Just wonderful.  So guys, if something seems out of scope and almost impossible still believe.  And yup I will probably forget this advice by the end of the weekend but hopefully I will check this post again and remember how awesome it was and that it can happen again many many times.

Can't  believe how far I have come in a year... and in a life actually changing so much and growing.  And I think this is making me a much better mom as well.

That's it for my deep thoughs lol

Have a fab  rest of the weekend.


PS posted a post before this post with the video of what I made this wonderful day.


  1. Eeee !!! How super cool that is. ! :-D I am so pleased for you and glad you had a fabulous time. Did you ask for her autograph as well !! ???? hee hee I think I would have had to ask her to write on something :-D
    So glad to hear about how your crafting is taking you to new heights Vicky :-D

    IKE xxxx

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  2. Hahahaha - I just watched your video and saw you got her autograph !!!! Maybe I should have watched that first !! :-D Loved your journal pages. xoxoxoxoxo

  3. Vicky glad you had a fun day - you deserve it!


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