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Layout challenge #1

I have promised all of you on Youtube, FB and here that I wanted to do something that would include both my youtube and my blog. My new project for you all is a new layout challenge.  I will post the layout here and show what I made on my youtube channel if you are interested in seeing the creation process. I wanted to do something that could help spark creativity when inspiration doesn't come.  My wish is to see what you do with the layout.  How will you use it?  Will you turn it around?  What will you create with it?  Will it be a card, a scrapbook page, an atc or something else that I can't imagine yet?  I know that all of you have loads of imagination and will be able to surprise me! I pondered a bit on the way I was going to do this and how long to keep this open.  I came up with the idea of doing it for a month.  However if I see that many of you are interested, I was thinking of doing more and also leaving them a month.  This would mean that there could be many ope