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New ideas for 2020

Oh boy oh boy.... 2019 has come and almost gone without any content at ALL on my blog.  If this was like one of my favorite ninendo video game "Animal Crossing" there would be ton of weeds and bugs on here :) It's been a very very busy time in 2018 and 2019 with home renos and a lot of learning on my part.  I have also rediscovered stuff that I really enjoyed doing in the past like canning.  But I took it to another level by doing pressure canning this year not just water bath. I have been binge watching prepper, how-to, zero waste videos.  They have altered a lot of the way that I think and made me think on how to save money and eat healthier.  I have started making a lot of items from scratch like bread. My outside work place has also been time consuming.  We got a lot of different government audit and I was the person responsible for managing them.  I ended up getting promoted to Finance director.  For the biggest part of the year I had empty positions in my depa