March 2023 Freebie and update

 Oh my... I have not published here since June last year!  That's a long time.  

I had such great plans in 2022 but I have to admit that what went on was even better than what I had planned.  However, I couldn't keep up with it all (YouTube, Patreon, Etsy, my website, Instagram, my newsletter, the blog etc.) something had to give. Especially since I also have a full time job.  If it hadn't been for the full time job I'm sure that I would have been able to maintain more social content but with a 40h job and the project that I had going on it was impossible to do it all.

If you haven't heard I bought a house that I converted into an apartment (to be rented) and a studio.  The studio is the basement part of the house and it has a garage, large room, a smaller room, a bathroom and a furnace room.  I have transformed the large room as my Etsy/office area and the smaller room into my studio/filming/craft space.  The garage is where I store all my Etsy items but I also will be filming the mix media videos (that is once it's finished setting up).  This ended up being quite an undertaking because the house needed a lot of tender loving care!  If you want to see the content of transforming the house into an apartment and a studio you can find it on Patreon this is where I shared all the behind the scenes of this process.  The reason that I shared this content there is because there as a lot more personal content and I didn't feel that it was right to share this all on YouTube with a larger audience.

I didn't see my summer or fall for that matter.  I was working full days and then going to that house to work for a few hours as well.  I was also working every weekend on this.  But it was all worth it in the end because even if the space is not fully organized it's much better than having my personal business take over my house!  It will also help me in the future (I hope) to better define a life balance.  When I'm home it will be to rest and when I am at the studio it will be for my business.  This being said, I still haven't achieved that since I'm working on writing the blog from home right now 😂  My excuse this time around is that well it's snowing (so haven't been inclined to get out yet...) and also that I'm still resting because I have been sick for the past month so I'm slower in getting around at the moment.

Yup I have been sick for the past month!  I got Covid and then it turned out into bronchitis and I'm finishing off my 2nd round of antibiotics.... It's been really hard for me to stay still and rest but my body wasn't giving me the chance to do anything else.  I'm usually a go go go type of person.  I did read a lot however and if you are interested in that you can find my reading here on Goodreads  I had given myself a challenge of reading 18 books for the year (that's a lot compared to what I have done for the past years) but now I have so far read 14 books therefore I'm now thinking my challenge might not be big enough 😁

Anyway, I have missed the interaction with my subscribers so much that I have done a HUGE sale on my Etsy stuff of 25% to celebrate feeling better!  

I have loads of plans now that I'm feeling better and I have shared those in my latest newsletter.  You can find the link to register for the newsletter on my website.  I have also shared a great freebie sheet in it.

I wanted to give you guys some freebies as well and here they are!  Hope you can use these images in some journals or on top of cards.  You can right click on the images to save them.

These images are intended for your own personal use not to be shared with others. I would also appreciate if you use them in your creations that you tag me @craftingvicky so that I can see your work!  I always love to see what you create.

That's it for me for now I'm hoping to be back at least once a month.  Ideally it would be more but I don't want to commit myself to something that I might not be able to manage.

Take care and see you all soon!


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