Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Hello everyone!  Hope you had a fabulous Wednesday!  I had a pretty good day, not to eventful. I finally made it to my annual doctor's appointment ;)  I had been postponing.... I really hate to go see doctors especially if there's nothing wrong with me.  But I guess we need to have yearly checkup... now my check up is now actually 1year1/2... but not to bad right?  Could have been worse... a few years ago they had closed up my file because I didn't go often enough.

It's Wednesday... so that means another WOYWW.  After this I came home, printed up some image and got crafting right after supper and this is what is on my workdesk tonight (yup including the leftover wine from supper, gives me some inspiration in the crafting... ;o) )
I have a list of the cards I need to finish before going on vacation, my copics chart, my faithful glue gun.  The images are from Outlawz freebie challenge and the imagine that freebie challenge.  I have prepared the Outlawz's one.  Should be able to post it up later this week.

That's it for me.  Hope you have had a fabulous day.  It's one day closer to the weekend!!!  And also one day closer to my vacation starting at the end of next week!

Big hello to my newest follower.  So nice to see that I'm now at 380!!!  WOW.  Thank you for following me hope you enjoy my posts!  You guys have no idea how much this inspires me to craft more!!!!

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  1. Hey there - glad you finally got your check-up !!!
    I like the idea of wine with the crafting :-)
    Happy WOYWW

    IKE xx #30

  2. Hellooooo - I'm not sure if I commented earlier and it's just not shown yet, but Happy WOYWW (again maybe) LoL

    IKE xx #30

  3. G'day Vicky
    just dropping by for WOYWW. Are you French? and sorry if I guessed wrong LOL. Waving at you from Australia while spying on your desk...which is full of crafty goodness. Looks like you are in full swing there and good luck with the challenges. Best of all have a great holiday :o)
    Annette In Oz #21

  4. Hello Vicky, well you can join a huge club of us, how hate to go to see our doctors LOL.your desk looks like lots of fun can be had there, have a wonderful vacation, I remember when I was working boy did we look forward to holiday time,hope you have some BIG fun on yours.. Thanks for your visit. Dianne #126

  5. sweet image! I'm with you, the wine is as good a creative aide as a deadline!

  6. Hi Vicky, thanks for visiting my messy desk, some people can't look including my Dad!
    I had to have a diabetic check up, I hate them but the good news is I have improved through losing weight, and if I lose more I won't be considered diabetic any longer!

    I hope you have a great vacation. Outlawz sounds interesting, I will check that out!

    Cazzy x

  7. Hey Vicky running late on visiting everyone that popped in :) and your package is on the way should arrive shortly!! Have a wonderful weekend
    hugs Nikki


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