Thursday, January 2, 2014

Great news and not so great news

Ok so it's the new year 2014!!!  You would think it's time for some good stuff right?!?  WRONG!!!!  I get back from my FIL to find a credit card bill for a credit card that I never owned... for 14700$$$  in my NAME... so I'm freaking out...  called the credit card company and now I have to go to the bank and show some pieces of id and hopefully get this cleared up!  But until it is I'm freaking out!!!!  And yes I have now sent request for the 2 credit checks in Canada to sent me my records so that I may make sure that there's nothing else outstanding...

So that was the bad part of the new year... but the GREAT news is that there was an opening at
So instead of being a GDT I'm now a full fledge DT member!!!  My dream as come true!!!  I totally adore those images so I'm over the moon to be a DT member ;o)

I guess bad things also bring good things?!?  But I truly hope that 2014 will bring more good than bad...

And for you guys don't know if you have seen but there's a fabulous freebie over at Art by Miran she also has a great giveaway that you don't want to miss!!!!!
Photo: A SPECIAL GIFT FOR OUR FOLLOWERSGood morning everyone!artbymiran blog open giveaway and freebie on our new blog.Please check out all the details here :



  1. What a terrible thing to find in your mail! I hope you get it cleared up and don't find any more on your credit report. My husband just asked me yesterday if I have checked ours recently. (I have not, but maybe I better!)

    Congratulations on your new DT spot! MelJens is awesome!

    Hope you have a wonderful 2014!

  2. Oh goodness Vicky..I hate that you are going through something like that. It happened to me a few years ago. It is such a hassle to get corrected...So I wish you good luck with it. And wow, what great news for Mejens. They are lucky to have you. I also love their wonderful images. And thanks for letting us know about the new store. I had not heard of them but will have to stop over...Hugz, joann

  3. Oh my, are you sure you didn't have a huge splurge buying loads of digi's?
    Had my CC cloned before but the bank noticed unusual activity and rang me to confirm the purchases only a few hundred pounds and quickly sorted. Strange how the bill came to you but not the card itself, hope its sorted soon x


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