Sunday, July 13, 2014

Vacation day 1 review journal

Hello everyone!  I'm here right now to share with you the 1st day of our camping journal that I finished embellishing today!  I'm totally excited to have discovered the fabulous kits from Imagine that.  This one is At the beach and it's got everything you need to make some fabulous embellishments.

And since I have my little printer with me... this year I realize that I can use some of the pictures that I take in my journal.  Why on earth I didn't think of that last year is beyond me...

It's raining a bit... so my pictures had to be taken inside the tent trailer and therefore they are not as bright I'm sorry.  But the rain gave me time to embellish this journal.
So the cute little boat is from that kit as is the sentiment on that page.  The picture is one that I took yesterday.
And here's the 2nd page where we all wrote about our day.  We were super happy to see one of our camping friend from a few years.  He's alone this week with his dog but will be there next week with his spouse!

So this was the best embellishments for this page... the sand was hot and of course I used my sunglasses... so I fussy cut both to embellish this page :)

That's it for this post... but I have another one for today's activity... otherwise I will end up being late in my blogging lol


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  1. Cherished memories that'll last a lifetime. Your family will enjoy reading this later I'm sure! You look like you're having fun with these KD-Kits! They add a great touch to your journal. :)


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