Thursday, August 13, 2015

Journaling by 5s - second part

Well it doesn't  get less stressful... I think it actually got worse because I actually did like the painting on some of my pages yesterday and I didn't have proper stuff to put on it.... well not the type of stuff that I would usually use for journaling anyway.

Before I share with you the video I wanted to share with you the picture of what I mean by my potato chip bag washi tape!
While we were on vacation I saw a video from Meri Atelier (the link will be in the description of my video if you are interested in finding it).  And she was making some washi type tape using this.  So I used my fabric paint and did this which I then sealed with decoupage glue but that was still super sticky.... Therefore I put some beeswax on top.  This is what I put through my 5 inch xyron and then cut to make my very own washi tape!!!  woop woop.  Of course after seeing her video.... I HAD to get the 9 inch xyron.

Did you know that that machine costs 99$ at Michael?!? Even with my 50% off coupon I was freaking out.... the shelf was empty so I figured it wasn't meant to be until I got to the liquidation section where it was sitting there (only 1.... plus 2 refills) waiting for me at 19$!!!!!  I must have been skipping the whole way back to the cash.... I was BEYOND excited with that purchase!  I haven't used it yet because those chip bags were small.... but I do intend on making something with the larger ones :)

Anyway here's my part 2 of the journaling by 5s using some paper napkins and ephemera received in swaps over at International crafters on FB if you don't know this group you should check it out.  They always have great ideas and fun swaps!  I used as well a bunch of old book pages that I had used as back drops for spraying projects or for cleaning up my paint brush.  And some small left over pieces of scrapbook paper that I tend to accumulate and then never use!!!!

Hope you like it don't forget to leave me a comment, subscribe if you want to see the next ones and please give me a thumbs up!  It's super encouraging to know that people do like what you do :)


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