Hello everyone!  I haven't been on since Thursday night... I commented on blogs and tried to think good thoughts... but I was not in a good place.  Yesterday was really hard for me.  I'm trying to stay "tough" so that I can be there for my husband and my kids.  But yesterday I had to come back home (couldn't handle work) and I broke down.  I'm going to lose my Mother-in-law but she's more like a mother to me.  This woman was the one who showed me how to do so many things (sewing, knitting, crochet, cooking,etc).  

As I was looking at my blog read list... the 1st one that was there was from Ikes world.  This great artist had a freebie.... and this freebie was a woman with a cancer ribbon!  OMG I really felt like someone was there to help me... So I thought all day about this card.  I want to send it to my mother-in-law tomorrow. I hope that it reaches her in time.  She's doing a bit better which is great because her kids were able to understand what she was saying... But this terrible disease is taking over her body for sure.  It's just a question of time.  I just hope that she doesn't suffer.
I really love how my card turned out.  I think it's the best CAS card I have done so far!!!!!

I will be sending it to Ike's world.  I hope the artist likes my take on it.  I used the brown ribbon to represent the colon cancer which is what started killing my mother-in-law 3 years ago.  We were very lucky that she's so strong and decided to fight with all she had!!!  We got those extra 3 years.

I'm entering in the following challenges:
  1. Paper pretties blog - CAS card 
  2. Jacksons digital expressions - CAS family matter (I think that one is covered!  family matters very very much!!! )
  3. Dutchdare-cardchallenges - For a special lady
  4. Ribbon carousel challenge - Anything goes with ribbon
I want to thank you all so much for the kind words!!!  They really do help.  Thanks for all my wonderful followers support.  And sorry about the super long post... but it really help putting this into words.  



  1. I love this image and what you did with it. I too have a friend on her last days so I understand. I will pray for you. Thanks for playing along on JDE.

  2. thank you very much! I will think of your friend as well!

  3. I am sorry that your beloved mother-in-law is so very ill. Your card is truly beautiful. I will pray for you and your family. Thank you very much for sharing with us at Jackson's Digital Expressions.

  4. Hi Vicky, I'm new to your blog. I found you by looking at all the entries on JDE site. I saw your card and I want you to know it's one of the most beautiful cards I've ever seen and the hope it represents. My Mom, Dad and Grandpa all died from cancer may years ago and I still cry over my best friend (my Mom). Cancer does not forgive and I wish we find a cure someday,until then I pray God gives us enough time with our loved one's to say Goodbye. I pray your mother in law goes in remission and gets better.I will include her in my prayers and trust that the Lord will do what's right. Hugs and God bless!

    1. Thank you so very much for taking the time to write to me and becoming a follower. It truly is a terrible disease and it seems that more and more of the people we love are taken by it. Your kind words really do help and I believe that all the prayers will help alleviate her pain!

  5. A beautiful card V!! I'm happy to hear that she can speak to her kids, that must help so much! Praying for her always! xoxo

  6. So sorry about your MIL Vicky. I send you hugs and strength, and prayers for your family.
    This is a beautiful card and thank you for using my image.
    IKE xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  7. what a beautiful card! I just went to the fund raising concert for cacer society on friday night. Losing my father with cancer made me get close to those things... I hope someday the cure for this disease which strikes anyone, anytime will be found...

  8. The card is just fantastic. And your story behind it is moving.

  9. Sending prayers for your MIL,beautiful card,and thanks so much for taking the time to join us at Jackson's Digital Expressions.

  10. Vicky, I am so sorry to hear about your MIL. I will pray for you, your spouse and the entire family as you move through this difficult time. Your card is so very beautiful!

    It is wonderful that you and your MIL were so close and you will have always have those membories. Her love for you and your love for her will survive beyond the grave because both of them will be carried in your heart and in your husband's heart.

    May G-d comfort you and bring you the peace that surpasses all understanding!

    Be well,
    Jackson's Digital Expressions

  11. Very nice card Vicky! Thanks so much for sharing with us at JDE.

    DT Member

  12. Hi Vicky,

    This card is stunning! I am sorry that your mother-in-law, is suffering from cancer. This horrible disease has claimed so many lives. I lost my father several years ago to pancreatic cancer. And all I can say is it gets better as time goes on because I know he is not suffering anymore, and I believe that he is in a better place. My prayers are with you and your family.


  13. Sorry to hear about your mother-in-law. I hope the card gets there is so beautiful!

  14. Hi Vicky,

    The card is lovely, and thanks so much for sharing such a personal matter with us. I was touched by the image and card you posted on JDE. Thanks for joining us; and I'll keep you and your family lifted.

  15. What a lovely card! My thoughts are with you and your mother-in-law!
    Thank you for joining us at DDCC! xx Lilia DT

  16. I think you and I shared the same mother in law. She even helped me shop for my wedding gown. I lost her to lung cancer a few years back. Cancer is an evil disease for sure. But she had such grace and went so peacefully, she was a blessing up to the end. Your card is stunning! Just gorgeous. Sending you hugs from someone whose been there.

    1. It is truly an evil disease. Thanks for your kind words. I suppose that we deal better with this eventually... and we take comfort in the amazing times that we did share.

  17. Wow, Vicky. I'm so glad that you sent me the link to this card. In getting to know you, I know just how much your mother-in-law meant and still means to you. I'm so sorry that you lost such a special woman. I do hope that she had the chance to see such a touching card from you before she passed on.



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