Wednesday, June 5, 2013

WOYWW - June 5th

Goodevening everyone!  Hope you had a great Wednesday!  I had no new issues with the toilet (you need to read the previous post to understand ;o)

Just the regular super busy day and meeting to attend in the afternoon downtown.  I really hate to have to drive there... and I had a car from the garage... so not mine and that's always nerve racking for me to park underground with a car that I don't know (so the dimensions are not as easy to figure...).  But I managed ok and did not scratch or damage it!!!  And now my car is fixed so I have air conditioning again!  Good news because it can get pretty hot in traffic.

When I got home I went downstairs to my "studio" ;)  Sounds so much better than laundry room lol
And this is what was on my desk  I want to continue participating in WOYWW.  And the rest of the mess around.  You can see a card that's prepared and will be posted on Sunday ;)
I also want to thank the people that are exchanging ATCs with me!!!!  I got 3 already.  They are soooo gorgeous.  I hope that people are not too disappointed with mine... When I compare my work with others I always feel their's is so much better than mine...

When I got them all I will be posting them here ;)

Have a fabulous Wednesday night everyone.



  1. Hi Vicky I'm sure everyone is going to love there's from you it's been so kewl seeing everyone's new collection hugs Nikki 2

  2. Your workspace/laundry room looks like a very cozy place to create. And remember - you are your worst critic. :-) At least that is what I keep telling myself. April #137

  3. There is so many wonderful ATC's to see on desks this week. Mine are all still whizzing too and from around in the postal service as I'm in Australia, makes it all so much fun the waiting though.. Oh it is so a studio look at all the glorious supplies you have..
    Take a peek at my blog and see what a surprise I had at a crop last week..
    Sandy :) #42

  4. That is a busy person's desk.

  5. Hope my ATC arrived...I have not received any yet but I'm off on a wee holiday tomorrow so will check my mail in 2 weeks! Then I will have a real treat!

  6. I agree with what April posted, I think we are each our own harshest critic, I often look at things & see a glaring fault, when I suspect no-one else would even notice it!Love the pic of your productive desk, Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz xx #32


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