Sunday, August 11, 2013

DT call - Creative bug on the loose

Ok so I'm doing things properly... I'm applying for the great dt call over at Creative bug on the loose.  This is an awesome opportunity to play with some great digis and be in an awesome team!  Well I would think it would be awesome since in includes 2 of my friends Lisa Decosse and Naomi Edwards.

You can't go wrong!  So let's hope I do this right and they let me join!!!  I want IN!!!! ;o)

So here we go, am I on quite a few DT already but I'm always on time.  I really really love to craft... so pretty much an addict... I can hear you guys laughing... stop it... you are making me lose my thought lol.

My style is pretty much varied, I do cute but I really love dark and quirky as well.  I love making cards but also ATC which I discovered about 6 months ago.  Not so good with the other stuff... altered and whatever but always up for a challenge even if I do lose a bit of sleep if it's something I've never done.

I would looooove to be part of the team because well my friends are there and I want IN!!!  But I'm also sure that it will be super fun and stress free just because I know you guys.  And of course because Naomi's image are super fun to play with!

Here are some examples of cards I had done and the post that I did just in-case you guys missed them and want to see them:

1- Meet the flockers
Such a great image for a happy travel card

2- Bellina and Maximus MacBunny
Yup started a whole family with this card.... you have to check up the next post for the rest of the family ;o)

3 - Baby Benito MacBunny

 the outside of the card
and the inside

Ok I think I have all the basics of the DT call on my post... now what are you guys waiting for?!?  I know that I shouldn't be suggesting other's to join... as this means I have competition for the call... but I just KNOW you would love it... so I guess my love to you guys as followers is a bigger thing than my own wants ;o)  I sound so generous there... right?!?  But I still really want IN!!!!! ;o)

Have a great Sunday everyone!


  1. All fabulous cards Vicky! Best of luck in the DT Call.

    I can vouch that Vicky's always on time with her projects and always puts her heart and soul into them. She's fab so please give her a DT position. :o)

    1. oh thank you so much Lexie for the kind words!!! Hopefully it will help to sway them! ;o)

  2. Vicky who wouldnt be delighted with all your fabulous cards AND want you on their team! Good luck :)

  3. What, you have spy flies and see us laughing now? Did you get your spy fly from the same batch that Ike gets hers? Sheesh. Thank you so much for your application. You have provided us with everything we need to make a decision. I remember those cards and still love all three. Good luck and thanks for spreading the word!

    Lisa D.,
    Promotional Coordinator
    Creative Bug Digitals

    p.s. it is nice to see another Team Leader singing your praises!

  4. Great cards Vickie, good luck with the design team call. I don't know how you do it. What do you do with all the cards you make? WOW!
    Linda K.


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